A company reimagined, a commitment renewed


Spring Medical Systems was founded by a team of physicians and technology professionals to save patient lives and physician time with software solutions… That was a long time ago.

Now it’s 2019 and we have reimagined our company. Our original goals remain intact. Back then we wanted to save lives, learn something new, create jobs, and build a solid company. While saving lives remains our primary goal, today we have added “helping doctors be doctors not statisticians” as our second most important goal because no doctor ever saved a patient’s life during data entry. To demonstrate our commitment to the people who actually take care of patients, we are introducing services that align with what independent practice physicians and other providers need to focus on patients, run successful businesses, and still have time for their families.

We’ve added cloud services to take the burden off of practices to become IT, security, and interoperability experts. We have added billing services that use proven integrated tools, methods, and expertise to shorten the payment cycle and boost practice revenue. We get that every penny counts when you are an independent practice. We are now offering software and service bundles to simplify the cost of doing business and provide predictable billing.

Regulation and sweeping mandates have taken their toll on practices. We have seen some of our doctors give up practicing because it didn’t feel worth the hassle of clicking all of the boxes and reporting data that practicing providers didn’t find useful in caring for their patients. That’s not okay. Our commitment is to re-embrace EHR that worked before the race for incentives. We will still capture the data providers need for compliance and incentive but we will not sacrifice workflow to do it. In 2001 we had the best workflow for practices. In 2019, we still do.

We hope you will take a look at our solutions and let us be your technology partner. We built them for the small to medium sized practices we have served for the last 18 years. We want today what we always wanted: save lives, learn something, create jobs, and to build a solid company. By making it possible for doctors to be doctors, we believe we will achieve those goals.