Electronic Health Records & Revenue Cycle Management Services for Independent Medical Practice

SpringCharts Complete

one solution to rule them all

The SpringCharts family of products is now available as one bundled solution making your practice complete. The ease of use and classic features you remember have grown and exceeded your expectations. Our providers spoke and we listened. Are you ready?

Electronic Health Records


Created originally by a practicing physician, SpringCharts is easy to use and is based on a workflow that matches the way medical practices work. It is highly intuitive and can often be learned and used effectively with minimal training and no disruption to the practice.

Practice View

Easily see your upcoming appointments in practice view along with to dos, internal messaging, patient tracker, and internal messages. Open a patient chart directly from the schedule or the tracker to support your clinical workflow. Easily chart messges and tasks related to patients. Set your preferences for views, work tools, and assigned providers.

Office Visits

The easy and intuitive workflow that has made doctors love SpringCharts for years is at the center of what makes SpringCharts go! Light on clicks and heavy with options where they belong combined with the freedom to record your office visits the way you want to. Templates and quick access to previous visits and labs in our care tree continue to be physician favorites.

Patient Chart View

SpringCharts EHR is the physician favorite for viewing important data about the patient while charting visits and ordering tests and managing medication. Our Facesheet feature allows clinicians to see problems, histories, medications, and labs. Our Patient Care Tree features provides easy access to documents, previous visits, and referrals.

Cloud & Licensing

Whether you are ready to let us take on your IT and security worries with Hosted Practice or keep your servers and software in your office, we have bundles available for you. Simplify managing expenses for multiple services with a single monthly fee per provider. See more detailed information on SpringCharts Cloud for details. Are you ready for the cloud? We are.

It doesn’t end there.

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ePrescribing with Rcopia

Throw your prescription pad away and opt in for #1-ranked drug e-prescribing platform in the market. We are partnered with DrFirst for all of your ePrescribing needs. Prescribing and refilling meds is quick and easy. Reconcile medication, complete formulary checks, and prescribe straight from your phone.

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ePrescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Seamlessly send electronic prescriptions for controlled substances and access PDMP data within the same workflow you use to e-prescribe. It makes prescribing more efficient, advances patient medication adherence, and increases convenience for your patients.

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Patient Portal & Patient Email

Keep you patients in the loop with patient portal. Your patients can better participate and track their care plan with access to visit reports and medical records. Email with confidence that communications are HIPAA compliant.

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Specialized Integrations

Lab and immunization integrations take place of manual data entry and faxed results.

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The File Cabinet Document Manager feature allows you to add any type of document to a patient chart. Files are fully managed by the SpringCharts application, and stored in its own File Cabinet. Files are dated by the program, and can be signed by the doctor.

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Capture the data needed for incentive programs and reporting payer-required analytics without adding the clicks.

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SpringCharts is in the process of certifying through the Drummond Group for the required standard for attestation year 2019. Watch for updates.

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Whether you are a Hosted Practice, you host your own SpringCharts, or you are a past customer looking for assistance mining charts from early versions of SpringCharts, our Support group is ready to assist.

Rain or shine our Cloud is always available

It’s here! Cloud hosting for your SpringCharts EHR is now available. Take the IT work off of your shoulders and get back that time for your family!

Your Practice On Any Device

If you have an Internet connection, you can access your SpringCharts from anywhere at any time. You skip the costs of maintaining your own servers and frustration of limited access options.

Managed Updates & Installs

Hosted Practices can look forward to using the latest and greatest SpringCharts software without the hassles of upgrading multiple devices causing extended downtime. We'll keep you current with updates that don't overlap with clinic time.

Reliability & Redundancy

SpringCharts Cloud is hosted in high availability data center with redundant systems. Located in Houston, Texas, not even Hurricane Harvey could take it down. We'll keep the lights on for you.

Meet Security Requirements

Fill out your next HIPAA assessment with confidence. Our data center partner is audited by a HIPAA compliancy organization. All of your servers, applications and patient data is hosted in a state of the art secure data center.


Eligibility, Coding, and Claims? Leave it to us


We get that every penny counts when you are an independent practice. Our SpringCharts Complete EHR & RCM is a key solution for practices ready to move to the next level in managing their business. Should a medical practice be profitable? Of course it should. We are eager to help you get there.

Boost Revenue

Our team of experienced billers combine solid experience, proven methods, integrated toolsets, and strong commitment to boost your practice revenue. Using our integrated systems or your existing practice management software, we are ready to help.

One System, One Simple Cost

SpringCharts Complete EHR & RCM bundle is included for practices with billing services. Say goodbye to the frustration of bills for service after service. Our competitive fees are based on monthtly practice collections and include everything from software to electronic claims.

Revenue Management

Our solution is so much more than just billing and collections. It takes a team effort to improve revenue cycle management and we have the expertise to help you plug the leaks in your business process that translates to correct claims and quick payment.

Integrated Practice Management

SpringCharts PM is the integrated solution you have been looking for. SpringCharts PM allows you to easily manage the entire practice workflow including patient registration, scheduling, claims, billing and reports. We’ll even host it for you.

Advanced Scheduling

Print superbills, patient chart labels and appointment lists from the scheduler. Additionally, you can create and email your own appointment reminders to patients, move multiple appointments from one day to another, block off time for certain types of appointments and days off, and customize the appointment screen.

Text and Email Reminders

With the Patient Communicator, make “no shows” a thing of the past by sending appointment reminders via text messaging and emails. Patients can even confirm appointments via text and mail, updating their appointment status to “confirmed” in the Appointment Book!

Smart Ledger

Displays dollars collected and write-offs directly below their corresponding procedure. You'll view the copay amount, applied deductible, patient balance, patient remainder balance and individual procedure remainder balances from the ledger screen.

Integrated Eligibility & eClaims

Verify your patients’ “live” insurance eligibility status and benefits directly from their scheduled appointments. Use the claim validator to make sure your claim information is complete and accurate. Then use your interactive claim form to add possible notes and make changes before sending them electronically.


Ready yet?

A solutions expert will provide a one-on-one demonstration to show you an easier and more efficient day with SpringCharts Complete. Learn more about our product features and envision the new way to practice medicine.