There have been many commentaries disparaging EHRS. They do not describe my experience as a primary care internist. To me, Springcharts has been an absolute boon. In the exam room I write down the details of the HPI of the 20 minute visit in great detail and note any specific physical findings apd pertinent vitals. One day a week, I “do” my notes, ie finish them. It takes about 6 hours for a typical 4 day week of seeing patients. During that time, I often pick up critical connections, look up items in Uptodate and elsewhere, write letters to consultants and emails to patients, and review labs, and bill the visit. With the intervening time I have had a chance, consciously or not, to mull over difficult issues and reach complicated decisions. I make enough money. At the age of 75, I love my solo practice and have no plans to retire. The fact that I can send in prescriptions for controlled and non-controlled meds electronically and quickly via my phone and computer, including away from home, makes my life a lot easier. I started using an EHR in 1995, switched to SpringCharts in 2005, and have embraced the technology, which is so affordable. I recently added an automated averaging blood pressure machine, and a iPhone dermatoscope.